Set of 3 leather juggling balls, 75mm, Handmade Leather Balls, for Jugglers, Circus.

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Set of 3 leather juggling balls, 75mm diameter, Juggling set, Juggling balls, Games, Toys, Learn to juggling, Juggler, Circus

You receive a set of 3 juggling balls: 1 blue ball, 1 indigo blue ball and 1 black ball.
These balls are 70-75mm diameter and 165-170 gr approx.
All our balls are hand dyed,hand cut and hand stitched.
$35 buying 1.

Our packaging is upcycled and handmade cut and hand paint.

These balls are perfect for professional jugglers and medieval fair actors, comedians...

And if you do not juggle are very nice objects to decorate your house.

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