Set 6 Leather Juggling Balls, Rainbow Juggling Balls 75mm, Leather balls, Juggling balls, Juggler.

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Set 6 Leather Juggling Balls, Rainbow Leather Juggling Balls 75mm , Leather balls, Juggling balls, Juggling Set, Juggler Gift, Handmade ball.
You receive a set of 6 juggling balls: 1 red ball, 1 orange ball, 1 yellow ball, 1 green ball, 1 blue ball and 1 violet ball.
These balls are 70-75mm diameter and 165-170 gr approx. and they are perfect for professional jugglers.
High quality spanish tanned leather.
All our balls are hand dyed,hand cut and hand stitched with nylon waxed thread.
Choose thread color: beige, red, turquoise, burgundy, brown and multicolor.
$35 buying 1.

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