3 Juggling Balls 45mm and Ball Case, Bicolor Balls, Gift for Kids, Leather Belt Bag.

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3 Juggling Balls and Ball Case, Bicolor Balls, Juggling Balls 45mm, Learn to juggle, Ready to ship Gift for Kids, Leather Belt Bag,

3 bicolor leather balls with leather case for 45 mm juggling balls. Small leather belly band. Leather Belt Bag. Small comfortable and practical bag. Belly bag. Gift for all.

A natural leather belt bag. Very comfortable to hang from your belt. It's perfect when you need to carry your small leather balls.
This piece is inspired by baseball stitching and medieval waist bags.
We use first quality vegetal tanned Spanish cowhide. Handled with care, our pieces should last for life.
Belt bag size: 10x10x4cm
Belt bag weight: 65gr
Weight of three balls: 120 gr

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